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UWRV - Best of Roanoke

Abby-Roanoker Photo Credit: Aaron Spicer
May 2, 2024

Championing Community Empowerment

In this year’s Best of Roanoke poll, we asked our readers to tell us about the extraordinary individuals striving to make the region a better place to be. While there were so many amazing nominees, Abby Verdillo Hamilton, president and CEO of United Way of Roanoke Valley, came out on top as “Best Community Builder of the Year.”

It humbles Hamilton to have received this recognition, but she says community building is so much more than just one person’s efforts — it’s the cumulative work of many individuals and partners over time that makes the process so special. “We’re all adding to the foundation laid by others who came before us. I’m so grateful to be a part of continuing something so meaningful, and enduring!”

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