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When times are tough, we rally together. We work hard. We lend a hand.

United Way of Roanoke Valley knows that our community's long term success begins today. Right now. We always find a way to make things happen when we stand UNITED.

We need your help. There is a way. A United Way.

deshea-witcher.png "I give to United Way of Roanoke Valley because all of the agencies are vetted for their impact, and measured results prove that when we pool our resources, we have the power to create great change." - DeShea Witcher, Owner, Roava Digital 

See What Your Dollars Can Do!

Give $10

Giving $10 can help provide food for a family for 3 days OR provide a student with an hour of mental health counseling through an after school program OR provide a check-in with parents to equip them to support the healthy development of children.

Give $25

Giving $25 can help towards an overdue utility bill OR help a family without insurance access important medical or dental care.

Give $50

Giving $50 can help an individual affected by local layoffs access to 1.5 months of job skills training OR help ALICE cover the cost of a doctor's visit for preventive care.

Give $75

Giving $75 can help someone cover their rent or mortgage and stay in their home OR help an individual affected by local layoffs access to 8 weeks of job skills training and certification.

Give $100

Giving $100 can help cover the cost for a week of afterschool programs that help with academics and supports their healthy development OR enroll an individual in the Pathways Community HUB and help them access supportive services OR help provide year-round healthcare access for the uninsured.

Give $250

Giving $250 can cover the cost of 4-free mental health sessions for individuals newly struggling with financial instability, isolation, and social injustices heightened by the pandemic.

Give $500

Giving $500 can supply baby wipes, diapers, formula, and food for 14 households with infant children.

Give $1,000

Giving $1,000 can help 4 households impacted by job loss to catch up on their rent, utilities and food needs and allow them to gain a foothold towards recovery.

Give $2,500

Giving $2,500 can help 60 first-generation college-bound students access career counseling, practice tests, resume writing, and other supports to increase their likelihood of completion.

Give $5,000

Giving $5,000 can help 67 families to continue to be part of the workforce through childcare and afterschool supports responsive to changing school schedules.

Give $7,500

Giving $7,500 can leverage additional grants toe stablish a warm line necessary for a growing number of people struggling with mental health and substance abuse disorders to connect with much needed services and support.

Give $10,000

Giving $10,000 can help train and deploy Community Health Workers to serve high risk patients in medically underserved communities, reducing total hospital days by 65%, and generating $2.47 in healthcare savings for every dollar invested.

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