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43% of households in the Roanoke Valley struggle to make ends meet

Our Vision

We strive to elevate 10,000 families to self-sufficiency by 2030. 

From 2018-2023 we have helped elevate 4445 families to self-sufficiency.

Too many of our neighbors are one missed paycheck, one unexpected bill or one crisis away from not covering their basic needs. United Way of Roanoke Valley provides immediate relief as well as long-term recovery for struggling households.


ALICE, an acronym for Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed, are households that earn more than the Federal Poverty Level, but less than the basic cost of living for the state (the ALICE Threshold).

Despite two adults in the family working one or more jobs, these households earn more than the federal poverty level, but just less than the basic cost of living.  That leaves them just one emergency away from instability and poverty.

ALICE families are often forced to make tough decisions on what food they can afford to buy, what childcare they can afford, and how they will access healthcare. These choices have consequences not just for the entire family, but for the entire community.

You know ALICE. ALICE is your daycare provider, the waiter at your favorite restaurant, and the clerk who helps you at the checkout line.

Rent or food choice



of households below the ALICE Threshold had no emergency savings


of the top 20 most common jobs in VA pay less than $20 an hour


the average salary a family of four would need to cover the basic cost of living

United With ALICE

United Way of Roanoke Valley is committed to addressing the ongoing needs of ALICE households. From housing and food to child care and access to health care, we are United with ALICE.

Together with corporate partners, individual donors and community organizations we can help ALICE more than just survive, we can help them thrive! Join us in supporting our community.

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