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United Way Tocqueville Society began in 1984 to honor those individuals who have demonstrated an extraordinary commitment to philanthropy through their passion for investing in the community and making a. difference - personally and collectively. The Tocqueville Society was named in celebration of the vision of French historian Alexis de Tocqueville, who was recognized as a symbol of the true spirit of volunteerism that lives in America's heart.

Members of the United Way Tocqueville Society, more than 27,000 across all United Ways in the country, give more than $10,000 or more annually. Members of the Tocqueville Society affirm their leadership and deep level of commitment to the betterment of our community.

"I have seen Americans make great and real sacrifices to the public welfare and have noticed a hundred instances in which they hardly ever failed to lend a faithful support to one another."- Alexis de Tocqueville

Members of the Tocqueville Society:

Join a national network of philanthropic leaders who are engaged locally to create long-lasting, positive changes.

Partner with a quality organization and dedicated staff; ensuring that your gifts, voice, and time are efficiently invested in local communities to maximize impact.

Have the opportunity to participate in national and worldwide Tocqueville gatherings.

UWRV Tocqueville Member Benefits

Abby Hamilton

President/CEO 540.777.4201 | Email

There are also special benefits to UWRV Tocqueville Members! We'd love to catch up with you soon to talk about them!

If you would like to reach out to us directly, please contact Abby Hamilton or Alisha Childress at or 540.777.4214

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