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Tocqueville Society members are philanthropic leaders who, through generous gifts of treasure, demonstrate their commitment to tackling our community’s most pressing problems to create sustainable change.

The Society is named after the 19th century French political thinker and historian Alexis de Tocqueville who, in his writings, recognized the importance of voluntary action on behalf of the common good.

The Society is dedicated to developing a stronger sense of community and connection among local philanthropists through engagement opportunities that grow awareness of issues and solutions affecting the well-being of children and families in our community and networking with like-minded individuals.

Members of United way of Roanoke Valley's Tocqueville Society automatically become members of United Way Worldwide’s Tocqueville United, a society comprised of philanthropic leaders from throughout the United Way network, which includes not only the United States but also the world.

These caring philanthropists exemplify commitment to improving the quality of life within the Roanoke Valley region.

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