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Investing in a Thriving Community

Healthy Roanoke Valley (HRV) is a partnership of more than 50 organizations and 160 individuals committed to transforming the way our community thinks about and values health. Our foundation is built on "collective impact" allowing us to address complex issues with high-impact results. As a collective, the Healthy Roanoke Valley partnership focuses on the social determinants of health.


Our Mission

HRV mobilizes resources, addresses social determinates of health, and engages community members to create pathways to wellness.


Our Vision

A community where all can achieve and sustain optimal health and well-being.


Healthy Roanoke Valley is:

  • Data-driven. Our work is rooted in current triennial assessment results.
  • Equity-focused. Our goals are focused on ensuring that every member of our community has the resources they need for good health.
  • Collaborative and community-based. The core of our work, and the success of our partnership, is built upon a common agenda and shared resources to ensure a holistic vision of health in the Roanoke Valley.


According to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, “our health is greatly influenced by complex factors such as where we live, and the strength of our families and communities.”

We know that no individual, organization or initiative can change the health of our community alone. Healthy Roanoke Valley was founded on the idea that collectively we can improve health, equity, and well-being of our region. 

Since October 2012, volunteers have provided approximately 5,663 hours of service valued at $130,634.


Who We Serve

We strive to target underserved & vulnerable populations in the Botetourt, Craig, and Roanoke Counties as well as the cities of Salem and Roanoke.

Why It Matters

“Healthy Roanoke Valley members continue to foster needed change for a healthier community, whether it be through the HRV Resource HUB model, bringing healthy foods and nutrition education to communities in need, or advocating for and locating resources for oral health. Each incremental change in any of these factors is of benefit to people with serious mental illness, substance use disorders, or developmental disabilities that we serve at Blue Ridge Behavioral Healthcare.”

Debbie Bonniwell, Chief Executive Officer, Blue Ridge Behavioral Healthcare

“The best part of Healthy Roanoke Valley’s work is bringing together a diverse group of leaders and service providers across a range of industries to help solve these problems together. As a transportation advocate, I never thought I had a role in public health- and yet my time with Healthy Roanoke Valley has shown that not only can my expertise help the clients and patients that are being served by my partners in the group, understanding their needs has helped me make a stronger case for improved transportation options and the expansion of public transportation.”

Jeremy Holmes, Executive Director, Roanoke Valley-Alleghany Regional Commission

"Struggling individuals or families depend on our ability to form a strong and cohesive network of services and support to get them back on track. This takes a tremendous investment of time and a lot of trust-building to introduce the new way of thinking and change the mindset on what that looks like."
Abby Hamilton, President and CEO of United Way of Roanoke Valley

Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission: Healthy Roanoke Valley is a partnership that mobilizes resources, address social determinants of health, and engages community members to create pathways to wellness.


Our Vision: A community where all can achieve and sustain optimal health and well-being.


Our Target Population: We strive to target the underserved/vulnerable populations disproportionately impacted by the social determinants of health such as poverty, race/ethnicity, education and/or lack of insurance.


Geographic Range: Botetourt, Craig, and Roanoke Counties; Cities of Salem and Roanoke

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