Successful Youth

Ages 13-18

Helping Teens Reach Their Graduation Day

High school graduation is the single most powerful predictor of whether a young person coming from generations of poverty will break the cycle. Roanoke Valley education statistics affirm that this issue needs to be a local priority. Ensuring that our local teens graduate from high school is the key to securing a successful future for all. Our impact programs work hard to close the gap between resources and the underprivileged teens we serve.

Providing Pathways for Success

United Way of Roanoke Valley is investing in strategies that can connect students with the help they need to stay in school and provide support and stability for parents trying to help their teens get to graduation day.


Rehousing Youth for Success in Education (RYSE) is an initiative that works to identify homeless children and put their family on the pathway to self-sufficiency. Through partnerships with Roanoke City Public Schools and many local service providers, RYSE provides housing and life-stabilizing support services for these families in need.

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Roanoke Valley residents received financial assistance for permanent housing and utilities.


students got after school help and passed to the next grade.

Real Stories, Real Results

Hearing the life-changing experiences of the citizens we serve is what ignites our drive for the common good and remind us of our purpose in the community. These are teens who were able to receive a solid education with the help of a united Roanoke Valley.

Aaron grew up in a supportive home environment but was bullied fairly consistently during his middle school years. While a student at William Fleming High School, he became involved with the Teen Outreach Program at Family Services of Roanoke Valley and was chosen to volunteer at Hurt Park Elementary School with English-Language Learner students. Admittedly, volunteering in that capacity was not his first choice but was a position that he learned to love and grow in as it helped him gain leadership skills and laid out a path of service that he has carried throughout his life since. "I think every youth has a little candle in them and by that I mean there's a spark and they just need to find the thing that lights it...not only did Teen Outreach Program light it for me, it set me on fire."

Aaron Deane