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Resource Library

The links below provide helpful information, resources and tips on the challenges that we face in the areas of Education, Income and Health.  


Council of Community Services - InstantAtlast Report - Quick and easy guide to local indicators in Education, Income, and Health. 


Social Problems that Work - A website devoted to evidence-based social problems, maintained by the Coalition for Evidence-based Social Policy.


National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices - SAMHSA's  online registry of more than 130 mental health and substance abuse programs and practices. 


The Center for What Works - The Rensselaerville Institute's guide to philanthropy, nonprofits, and communities achieve higher results and to move the needle.  



 Community Action Plan for Education - An in-depth look at United Way of Roanoke Valley's outcomes and strategies for education.


  Tips and Tools for Reading with Children - This is a great resource that offers tips and tools for taking reading with your child to a higher level.  Quality child care is imperative, but early education also begins at home.


  Toolkit for Expanding Learning - Provides guidance to city agencies, school districts, intermediaries, state agencies and Statewide Afterschool Networks as they develop plans for out-of-classroom (after school, summer etc.) initiatives in their communities.


En Camoni Educational Toolkit for Families - A comprehensive toolkit of educational resources that support Spanish-speaking families' aspirations for education and educational attainment and help create strong transition partnerships between programs and postsecondary educational institutions.


Ages and Stages Screening - A child screening tool to provide parents with important information about their child's development and school readiness. Excellent for newborns to age 5!


Virginia SOL Guidelines - An introduction to the Virginia SOLs and information about the skills and content knowledge students are expected to know for each test. Helpful for parents and staff of academic support programs!




Social Studies & History


Education Stakeholders Meeting - the powerpoint including the Valley-wide education data and results of the data tracking team looking at early childhood.


Predictors of Postsecondary Success - from the American Institutes for Research, an overall guide to identifying factors that predict success in college and career.

Building Capactiy for Data Use - from the Stive partnhershp, a duide to the purposes and expectations of using data within a continuous improvement framework.

Goals and Expectations for College and Career Readiness - from the National High School Center and the American Institute for Research, a look at skills students need to be successful after high school.

College and Career Readiness Resources - a powerpoint presentation that lsits many of the organizations that provide resoruces around college and career readiness. From the National High School Center.


Chronic Absenteeism - United Way Worldwide and AttendanceWorks guide to reducing chronic absence. Includes data, indicators, and a frame work for addressing chronic absenteeism.


Education Research Overview - United Way Worldwide's research grounding the cradle-to-career continuum.


Local YRBS data - Data from the Youth Risk Behavior Survey about risky behavior trends from the Prevention Council (Roanoke County).


Mobilization Plan for Increasing High School Graduation - United Way Worldwide's strategies to enable communities to improve high school graduation rates. 


PALS - Videos and examples of the PALS (phonological awareness literacy screening) assessment for Pre-k, Kindergarten, and 1st-3rd grade.


Smart Beginnings of Greater Roanoke - The collaborative of community leaders from businesses, schools, nonprofits, and private individuals who are working to ensure every child enters kindergaten with the skills needed to succeed in school and life. Resources for educators, parents, and the commmunity.


External and Internal Assets - Evidence-based internal and external developmental assets adolescents need to grow up healthy, caring, and responsible.



  Community Action Plan for Income - An in-depth look at United Way of Roanoke Valley's outcomes and strategies for income.


  BankOn - Bank On programs negotiate with banks and credit unions in local communities to reduce barriers to banking and increase access to the financial mainstream.


  Income Mapping Project - Find key resources that are critical in determining how time, energy and resources can be directed and maximized to achieve the desired community impact as we implement our open income funding process.



   Community Action Plan for Health - An in-depth look at United Way of Roanoke Valley's outcomes and strategies for health.


Community Health Needs Assessment - 2012 data on local health needs, led by Carilion Clinic. This data is driving Health Roanoke Valley. 


   FamilyWize Prescription Discount Program - Learn more about the FamilyWize prescription program, which offers discount cards with immediate discounts on prescription drugs at participating pharmacies. Since 2008, FamilyWize cards have generated over $7 million in prescription savings in the Roanoke Valley and Alleghany County.


  FamilyWize Impact - This document gives you a detailed look at the impact that the FamilyWize program is having in our community and nationwide.


   Health Care Reform Implementation Timeline - An interactive tool designed to explain how and when the provisions of the health reform law will be implemented over the next several years.


  F as in Fat: How Obesity Threatens America's Future - The future  of the health of our community is at a crossroads, due in large part to the obesity epidemic. This document examines strategies for addressing the obesity crisis and how obesity can affect the health and wealth of our nation.


   The Link Between Childhood Health and Poverty - The number of children in poverty is a key social and economic measure used in measuring a county's health. Click the link to learn more about the connection between poverty and health, and hear about policies and programs that have been implemented throughout the country to reduce poverty.


   Moving More at School - Increasing Activity, Before, During and After School - A new document from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation that offers    evidence, recommendations and strategies on promoting physical activity all day, inside and outside the classroom.  Resources include briefs on recess and after-school programs, and tools you can use to assess how well your school is doing to support physical activity.


  Dental Problems Affect School Performance - Kids with dental problems are nearly three times more likely to miss school than their peers. Read the report and view the video to learn more about how state policy solutions can help improve dental care for children.


What Works for Health - A roadmap from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Population Health Institute. See what is evidence-based and scientifically proven to improve the variety of factors we know improves health. 


Healthy People 2020 - National objectives for improving the health of all Americans. Encouraging collaborations, empowering individuals, and measuring impact.