UWRV & Smart2Start partner with Bright By Text


Wishing parenting came with a manual?

United Way of Roanoke Valley and Smart2Start have teamed up with Bright by Text, a parent texting program that distributes child development information, important announcements, expert tips and games directly into the hands of parents and caregivers. The content is focused on development materials for pre-birth through age eight.

“Bright by Text also includes messages about events and resources specific to the Roanoke Valley region, like preschool open enrollment periods, safety announcements, health clinics, and free events,” said Vivien McMahan, Director of Early Learning Strategies at United Way of Roanoke Valley.

The free Bright by Text tool also offers expert content, to help parents and caregivers make the most out of these interactions by providing positive parenting tips and resources to aid a child’s physical development, while illustrating fun and easy activities. Bright by Text is a proven program designed to build nurturing caregiver-child relationships, to positively impact a child’s healthy development and school readiness.

According to the Harvard Center on the Developing Child, in the early years a child’s brain is developing at a faster rate than it will at any other point in their life. The

interactions that a child has with adult caregivers at this stage sets the foundation upon which all later learning, behavior, and health depends.

To sign up, parents and caregivers with children under age 5 can text the word UWROANOKE to 274448. They will receive 3 to 5 text messages per week, and each message includes a link to a landing page with more detail, short videos, and links to related resources.

“These adult interactions in the early years are critical for child development, “said McMahan. “Bright by Text is another tool to make sure parents have easy access to the best research-based information right when they need it.”