United Way of Roanoke Valley Launches Community Fund to Help Families

United Way of Roanoke Valley’s newly-established COVID-19 COMMUNITY RESPONSE FUND is an essential approach to supporting the stability of our region’s families, both during and after the coronavirus pandemic.

The fund supports the work of area nonprofit partners providing direct services to families in areas including access to food and supplies, healthcare, childcare, housing, utilities, employment and transportation.

“United Way believes that people rise to the occasion of a crisis. We take care of one another and our community.

This is one source of relief, as neighbors join together in support of vulnerable families,” said Abby

Hamilton, President & CEO of United Way of Roanoke Valley. “With all of our might, we are working to bring the best resources in care to our community during this time of crisis.”

The COVID-19 COMMUNITY RESPONSE FUND is designed to complement the work of public health and government efforts by expanding local capacity to address all aspects of the outbreak and its aftermath as efficiently and effectively as possible. Multiple phases of funding are anticipated to address both the acute, immediate needs of the outbreak as well as the longer-term impacts of the recovery.

Support will be provided for partners working with the immediate and emerging unmet needs of families as fundraising results allow.

Geographic scope: Cities of Roanoke and Salem, Counties of Craig, Botetourt, Franklin and Roanoke, and the Town of Vinton