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Impact in Income

Why Invest in Income?

Today, the lack of resources to meet basic needs prompts close to 500 calls a month to 2-1-1 from all over the Roanoke Valley. The cycle of increasing debt to keep up with the rising cost of living has left many families living paycheck to paycheck. As a result, families are more vulnerable to crisis, and in the long term, they have a very limited ability to save for advanced education, a home, reliable transportation or retirement. This limits the economic potential of both the family and the communities in which they live. This is why United Way is investing in strategies that provide access to employment and other opportunities; increase ability to manage personal finances effectively; and help people in crisis meet their basic needs and move them to self-sufficiency.

Real Stories, Real Results




Resources in Income

Check out these great resources to learn more about United Way's focus on Income! 

The First Step - Getting Banked



             A bank or credit union account is the first step to saving and planning for the future - but over 6,500 households in our area don't have one.  Learn  about who's at risk of being unbanked and underbanked in the Roanoke Valley. 






Action Plan for Income  




Click on the image to get an in-depth look at the outcomes and strategies that make up our Community Action Plan for Income.