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How it works

United Way's Community Impact

We are committed to advancing the common good and creating opportunities for all by focusing on the building blocks of a good life - Education, Income, and Health. 


United Way has undergone an evolutionary process from being known as a successful fundraiser and fund distributor to a higher calling that now includes not only fundraising, but being a convener: focusing on strategies and actions needed to improve lives and create lasting change in our communities. 

In January 2012, UWRV unveiled its Community Action Plan to Advance the Common Good, which was the culmination of the comprehensive planning and engagement process that took place over 24 months. UWRV is building on existing strengths and implementing new strategies to achieve measurable progress over time Education, Income and Health


Impact Fund

The United Way Impact Fund supports our work. It is an investment in the community to ensure that more people have the help they need to achieve long-term success. Most people seeking assistance during tough times need help from multiple programs and agencies. Those giving to the United Way Impact Fund have the assurance that their gifts cover a broad but focused spectrum of identified needs in the community rather than just supporting one particular program or agency. The results from these investments are closely monitored by trained volunteers. Your investment in the United Way Impact Fund is monitored, leveraged, focused, and achieves outcomes.

Monitored - A diverse group of trained volunteers invest money into programs that report how they use money to improve lives. 

Leveraged - United Way and funded programs leverage United Way funding in services that prevent additional costly services, and bring additional funding into our community.

Focused - United Way only funds programs that are successfully, efficiently filling a need for local Roanoke Valley residents in the areas of Education, Income, and Health

Outcomes - The Impact Fund guarantees that your money is changing lives. Programs must show the long-term outcomes they are achieving. 


Community Investment Process

Gifts to the United Way Impact Fund are pooled and are invested in the community through a volunteer-driven Community Investment Process. The Community Impact Council and a large number of community volunteers review program applications and collectively make critical decisions. These volunteers recommend how to invest in Impact Fund dollars to best achieve impact in education, income, and health. Volunteers are trained to use a data-driven review process emphasizing alignment with UWRV's priorities, collaboration, and strong outcome measurement. Funding is awarded to programs and initiatives that make a measurable impact on important community issues. 



Click here to read the full details and policies about the Community Investment Process.


Volunteer-led Community Investment Process

 The 2014 Community Investment Process invested $3.1million raised by the Impact Fund in successful programs working in Education, Income, and Health. Over 80 volunteers from 40 local companies volunteered 1200 hours! Click here to read the full details from the 2014 Community Investment Process. and click to see our impact in EducationIncome, and Health 


Community Impact Council

United Way of Roanoke Valley's Community Impact Council is a standing committee of the Board of Directors that leads the UWRV's Community Impact work. They play a key role in the development of new Coalition Partners and the Community Investment Process. Thank you to the following members of the Community Impact Council: 


Mike Dittrich, Chair, Pepsi Retiree

Robert Nave, Rutherfoord, A Marsh & McLennan Agency 

Wayne Stickland, Roanoke Valley-Allegheny Regional Commission

Cheri Hartman, Carilion Clinic

Kirk Ballin, Easter Seals

Diane Conner, RGC Resources

Ginny Hardin, Community Volunteer 

Dan Merenda, Council of Community Services

Anita Reed, Allstate Insurance Company

Kerri Thornton, Carilion Clinic

David Nuckolls, Advance Auto Parts

Rita Bishop, Roanoke City Schools

Dale Harless, RGC Resources

Carol Tuning, City of Roanoke

Kathy Stockburger, Community Volunteer

Susan Campbell, Wells Fargo

Cynda Johnson, Carilion Clinic

Kathy Baske Young, Blue Ridge Resources, LLC

Sandra Pratt, Wheeler Broadcasting

Stacey Deaton, State Farm

Brian Ripple, Wells Fargo

Doloris Vest, Delve Consulting

Craig Ramey, Virginia Tech-Carilion Research Institute

Sarah Wall, Virginia Tech-Carilion Research Institute