Bank or Credit Union Accounts Offer a Secure Place to Deposit Economic Income Payments, Wages, and Unemployment Compensation

It Has Never Been More Important to Have A Banking Account

The COVID-19 pandemic greatly increases the importance of a safe and affordable mainstream bank or credit union account for managing your money remotely, including to receive wages and government benefits securely through direct deposit and make payments remotely.

• Directly and Safely Deposit Funds Remotely: With a bank or credit union account, you can feel safe keeping your hard earned money in a secure, federally-insured deposit account while continuing to remotely receive paychecks and other
income, such as benefits, by direct deposit.

• Pay Bills Remotely: You can pay bills remotely using free online banking services, while accessing tools for budgeting and financial management.

To open an account, you may need one or more of the following on hand:

• Social Security Number or ITIN number
• State-issued identification, like your Driver’s License
• Passport
• Country-issued identification card
• Mailing address
• Date of Birth

Each financial institution has its own procedure for account opening. Bank branches remain open as essential service providers in most communities however many banks and credit unions are limiting their hours and the number of branches open or may be offering drive-thru services only. Please visit the website, review the financial institutions COVID19 response page, and/or call a financial institution to explore options for opening an account remotely.