Family Health Strategies

Ages 18+

Moving Families Towards Self-Sufficiency

As a community of connected individuals, we all have a stake in creating a healthy, prosperous community. United Way of Roanoke Valley has identified an increasing amount of families that have struggled to keep up with the rising cost of living. Helping these families rise out of poverty to meet their economic potential is a key focus in our programming. We recognize that happy, healthy adults are vital to increasing the number of early learners, successful youth, and overall, to developing a successful community.

Laying the Foundation for Stability

United Way has started various programs that work in unison to bring adults out of poverty and towards becoming Healthy Adults. We are investing in strategies that provide access to employment and other opportunities; increase the ability to manage personal finances effectively, and help people in crisis meet their basic needs and move them to self-sufficiency.

Healthy Roanoke Valley

Building a culture of health in our community improves the lives of thousands of children, families and individuals, which also improves the health and wellbeing of the entire Roanoke Valley. Healthy Roanoke Valley works to achieve optimal health by providing medical resources and educating citizens to make healthier decisions.

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Healthy Franklin County

Healthy Franklin County is working to ensure families across Franklin County have access to healthy food and information that is critical to making the best health decision possible for themselves and their loved ones.

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Bank on Roanoke Valley

A growing number of families in the Roanoke Valley are without the most basic financial tool–a checking account. United Way started Bank On Roanoke Valley as a way to connect citizens struggling to manage their finances with local financial institutions and agencies that can help.

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United Way believes that no one should have to choose between putting food on the table and taking their prescription medication. Our FamilyWize Prescription Discount Program assists individuals and families in saving an average of 42% on their medications.

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tax forms were filed, returning $1.5 million to low- to moderate-income families.


million dollars were saved by local residents on costly prescriptions.

Real Stories, Real Results

Hearing the life-changing experiences of the citizens we serve is what ignites our drive for the common good and remind us of our purpose in the community. These are real families who were able to achieve stability and self-sufficiency with the help of a united Roanoke Valley.

"I learned about the Fresh Foods Rx program through my doctor’s office during a checkup when he wanted to see about me getting my A1C levels down. My expectations of the program were to lower my A1C and to lose weight, but I gained new friendships, learned how to eat better and eat healthier, and the program was a success for me. Having the fresh fruits and vegetables available on site by the LEAP Mobile Market really helped a lot. The program works, and I’m going to continue to do what I’ve been doing."

Yvonne Nance