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Impact in Health

Why Invest in Health?

Today, 14% of Roanoke Valley residents do not have access to primary health care — so important to preventing or treating illness before it becomes more serious. In a study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), over 50,000 people in the area were identified as obese, making them more susceptible to diabetes, heart disease and other issues. A safe and healthy home environment, access to health services and preventative healthcare starting early in childhood, avoiding risky behaviors, as well as knowledge about healthy eating and physical activity all contribute to achieving optimum health for individuals and our community. This is why United Way is investing in strategies that pursue and promote healthy living and lifestyle; provide access to affordable healthcare services and provide crisis and intervention services needed for health and wellness. 

Real Stories, Real Results  



Resources in Health

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Healthy Roanoke Valley is a partnership of over 50 public and private organizations, academic institutions, community and government leaders who are working to improve the health of those living in the Roanoke Valley. Visit to learn more about our work.