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File your Federal and Virginia income tax forms for FREE

Many hardworking individuals and families are eligible to receive free tax preparation and filing services, as well as qualify for the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) and other credits. Last year, these services and tax credits helped return almost $2 billion nationwide in total tax refunds to individuals and families, who often used those dollars to pay bills and purchase necessities, such as food and clothing. It also saved people nearly $200 million in paid tax preparer fees.

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Over two and a half million Virginia taxpayers now have the opportunity to prepare and file their federal and state tax returns online for FREE thanks to a new public private partnership between the Virginia Department of Taxation and several private software companies.  The new Virginia Free File Program allows qualified individuals to electronically prepare and file their federal and Virginia tax returns for free in one simple step. The program helps ensure that taxpayers identify every deduction and credit for which they are eligible.

Prepare your return from the comfort of home:

Taxpayers with a 2010 Adjusted Gross Income of $58,000 or less can prepare and e-file federal and Virginia taxes for FREE from home or anywhere you are comfortable accessing the Internet.

Or, prepare your return at a Tax Site with a Coach:

Taxpayers with a 2010 Adjusted Gross Income of $31,000 – or a little more if you are a family with kids – can visit one of seven sites across the Commonwealth and use one of the product offerings available through the Virginia Free File Program, to prepare and file your federal and state tax returns for FREE. On-site coaches are there to assist.

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