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Impact in Education

Why Invest in Education? 

Today, young Americans are less likely to earn a diploma than young people in other industrialized countries. Missing this milestone can have detrimental effects. High school graduation is the single most powerful predictor of whether a young person coming from generations of poverty will break the cycle. Roanoke Valley education statistics affirm that this issue needs to be a local priority. About one out of every five ninth-grade students will not graduate from high school on time and will be left behind his peers. This is why United Way is investing in strategies that increase access to affordable, quality childcare; increase public awareness and support for investing early; equip students to read and comprehend by third grade; connect students with help they need to stay in school; and equip parents to help children be ready for and to succeed in school.

Education in the Roanoke Valley

UWRV's staff, community volunteers and board members are working with our Impact and Coalition Partners to make a direct impact on the state of education in the Roanoke Valley. 


Real Stories, Real Results


Resources in Education

Check out these great resources to learn more about United Way's focus on Education!  






Visit the Common Good Forecaster to see how health, income and community involvement are impacted when Education outcomes improve.









Click on the image to get an in-depth look at the outcomes and strategies that make up our Community Action Plan for Education.  








United Way is a partner and supporter of Star City Reads, the City of Roanoke's Grade Level Reading Campaign. Star City Reads was selected as a finalist in the prestigious 2012 All America City Award organized by the National Civic League.  Learn more about the Campaign for Grade Level Reading.


Quality child care is imperative, but early education also begins at home. Click on the image to learn tips and tools for reading with children. This is a great resource that will take reading with your child to a higher level.

Which path will area children end up on in the Roanoke Valley?
Click on the image to find out how quality early childhood education will put the children in our area on the right path.