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Introducing Dining for Charities!

United Way of Roanoke Valley is partnering with WSLS for their Dining for Charities!

Dining For Charities Co-Branded

How it works

Each month WSLS partners with a local charity. 15% of every dining or deal certificate you buy is donated to that charity partner of the month.

United Way of Roanoke Valley is scheduled to be the partner of the month from May 1, 2022 - July 31, 2022.

You win, the restaurants win, and most importantly - UWRV wins!

Some of the featured restaurants:

  • Jersey Lily's Roadhouse (Salem)
  • Cast Plates & Pints (Roanoke)
  • Frank's Italian Restaurant (Roanoke)
  • Cabo Fish Taco (Roanoke)
  • Rookie's (Roanoke)

For a list of all featured restaurants and deals visit the Dining for Charities website!

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